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Ethical rules
  1. We know our partners. We have met them or got to know them through other people we trust.
  2. We support environmental projects in the areas were we active, e g replanting of rainforest.
  3. We hunt ethically and make sure that our partners and clients do the same.
  4. We consider the hunt to be an important part of the game conservation – not least in Africa.
  5. We want to put a value on the game. It is of importance for the game conservation. Without a value especially the predators risk eradication.
  6. We focus on people, wild life and environment of the areas were we are active. We try to treat them decently.
  7. We want to work with partners who focus on ecology and try to support the interest of the original population and wild life.
  8. We respect the laws and rules of the areas we work with.
  9. We are very careful with controls in such countries, were we can suspect that laws are not always followed.
  10. We work only with partners who respect the need of the animals (even males) to be protected during certain periods of the year.
  11. By hunting – birds as well as mammals – the animals and their meat should correctly be taken care of.
  12. We currently control our partners and make sure that our ethical rules are respected and followed. If that is not the case, we interrupt the co operation.
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