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Mozambique is originally the name of a small island, from which today's country has grown. The Portuguese came here already in the beginning of the 16-th century, and step by step they conquered what later should be known as Portuguese East Africa. Since 1975 Mozambique is independent and after many years of civil war and a suppressing Marxist government, the country has faced a new and prosperous period from cultural as well as economical point of view. This period started around 1990, when the ruling FRELIMO-party abandoned its Marxist program.

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Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, bears a lot of traces from centuries of Portuguese rule. This old city was founded already in 1545. Stay a day or two in Maputo and have sightseeing around before you take off to the inner parts of the country.

Mozambique is a large country, almost twice the size of Sweden. Up in the north it borders on Tanzania, down in the south on South Africa and the fantastic wild life of the Krüger Park.
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