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Stag and bird shooting in Scotland

Ardifuir offers a fantastic range of shooting options for all. Poltalloch has a small, established pheasant shoot and several duck ponds for flighting. Elsewhere within the Estate are woodcock, snipe, geese and pigeon with walked-up and driven days.

Ideal numbers are groups of 6 - 8 but we are happy to cater for will cater for smaller groups.

For a complete shooting and stalking experience why not stay at Ardifuir, perhaps shooting on two days and deer stalking on another, the choice is yours and packages can be built to your exact requiremnets.

Shooting begins after the end of the stags, in late October, with the season ending at the end of January. Estate guns available on request, please contact us for more details.

Deer Stalking:

  • Roe bucks - April 1 - October 21 (best months late April and May and July)
  • Red and Sika Stags - July 1 - October 21 (best months September and October)
  • Red and Sika hinds - October 22 - February 15
  • Roe Doe - October 22 - March 31

Trophy stag fee: EUR 774,- (normal); EUR - 1 217,- (big). 

Bird shooting:

  • Duck hunting (dusk): EUR 58,- per gun and opportunity (hunter included)
  • Grouse (full day): EUR 558,- per day and gun, birds included (hunter included)

Trip costs:

  • Return flight to Glasgow
  • Transfer to/from airport from - EUR 115,- per person
  • Accommodation with full board per night from - EUR 140,- per person
  • Transport (boat) to Jura island (3000 hectars with big stags from - EUR 115,-
  • Extra stalking is possible around the Castle Duntrune. Trophy fee from - EUR 775,-
  •  Trophy prepared (boiled and cleaned, no shield) - EUR 58,-
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