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Hunting in Sweden
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The possibility to, at the same time and within the same area, be able to hunt cloven-hoofed game such as red deer, fallow deer, moose, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar makes Sweden unique. If you wish, this hunting could be combined with bird shooting (pheasant, partridge or ducks depending on the season). With our experience of cloven-hoofed game as well as bird shooting from different parts of Sweden, we are able to give you what you are looking for.

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We want to emphazise our possibilities to offer moose hunting all over Sweden, not least in the North, were the animals are even a bit bigger. Moreover: In Tornedalen we have excellent chances of seeing and even hunting bear combined with the moose hunting we do up there. We hunt in an area that is in all nearly 25.000 hectars.

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Before hunting we need training. Not only shortly before the hunting but all over the year we are able to offer some of the best training for birds and big game you can think of. We chose the shooting ranges for you in order to keep up your skill.

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