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Hunting in Namibia
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Directly after landing in Windhoek we go northwest, through the bush passing the towns of Wilhelmstal and Omaruru. Along the road there are several farms hosting lions, cheetahs, rhinoceros and a large amount of antelope species.

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On the way up to our hunting area, we pass the old missionary station of Omaruru - now a museum - from the 1870-ties. It is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the country. On the cemetery the Swede Axel Eriksson is buried ever since as well as Finnish missionaries, who were among the first Europeans to settle down here. Buried side by side with these Scandinavians, many Germans and blacks from the Herero tribe are to be found. The Herero people were among the first natives to be christened.

The Swede Charles John Andersson, fellow traveller of Axel Eriksson, returned to Sweden alone. The museum of Vänersborg is housing much of his property left, especially a unique collection of birds from South West Africa. A trip to Namibia could start in Vänersborg.

Up in the bush, 300 kilometres from Windhoek - three hours by car, one by plane, available at the farms - we hunt black wildebeest, springbuck and gemsbuck (oryx). But we will also see the mountain zebra, the cheetah and the rhino. We are excellently lodged as guests of either of two brothers, which ancestors settled down in Namibia a century ago. They let us hunt all over their 20.000 hectares.

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Hunting season in Namibia starts on 1 February and ends on 30 November. Beginning and end of the season could be extremely hot - up to 40 C in day time - and mid season - June to August - could in turn be cold - below zero in the night. Do not forget warm underwear!

The African night is completely dark as soon as you are a hundred metres away from the farm. No artificial light could prevent us from seeing the most fascinating night sky you can think of, completely different from the one your are used to in the northern hemisphere.

We wake up to a new day. Let us take half a day off from the hunting and visit the historical sites of the bush, were African bush men long ago painted the rocks in order to get a successful hunting. These ancient places give us food for thought.

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