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Hunting in Mozambique
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We hunt over a large area out in the bush and savannah area. You could either come here by car from Maputo or by plane. A flight saves a lot of time and the roads up country are not always the best.

Mozambique has recovered from years of civil war. The white farmers never completely left the country and the Government in Maputo nowadays invites farmers from abroad, especially them forced to leave everything behind in Zimbabwe. This policy gives Mozambique a much better future than else would have been the case, since tourism - especially safari - is one of the most important incomes for the country.

Almost everyone speaks Portuguese, but English is also an understandable language to our hosts. Our host in this case - or hostess - is originally Swedish. Married to a Portuguese, she is since several years busy in the former Portuguese colony Mozambique. At our service we have other Swedish guides available as well.

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There are a lot of buffalos at hand in Mozambique and the prize for shooting one of them is normally much lower than in the countries around. But there is also other animals from the big five - such as lion and leopard - at hand. Such hunting would be a memory for life, we promise.

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Our lodging out in the wilderness is excellent and there are a number of people doing their best to take care of us during the hunting and after hunt.
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