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Hunting in Latvia
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When we go hunting in Latvia the trip would look something like this: We start off with a day or so in the cultural city of Riga for a nice night on the town. We live in the centre, which is still only 15 minutes from the airport by car. After that we drive for 2 hours to the area where we will be hunting. No matter where you are going in Latvia it is seldom more than a 2-hour trip.

The area we visit contains of tens of thousands of hectares of some of the best hunting in Europe for moose, buck, wild boar, deer and beaver. There is also a chance to hunt lynx and wolf, the Latvian government gives out a small number of licences every year for these predators.

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In the summer we do stalking in dawn and dusk. In the autumn from mid October it is mostly driven game.

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We are taken care of in the best possible ways. We live in comfortable lodges with toilets, showers and saunas. Between the hunts at dawn and dusk we take care of our trophies, just relax in our lodge or make a trip to one of the historical places nearby. There are plenty of medieval castles and cities in the area, for example the ancient city if Ventspils. After a few days we return to Riga for either another night in town or onwards transportation. We promise you an interesting experience in Latvia.

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